【Shinyokohama Shiatsu-in, Ekimae Massage】The Nearest Massage Parlor from Shinyokohama Station.



"SHIATSU" is a form of Japanese massage based on the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine.

30 min. Upper or lower half of your body.
For your spare time or lunch break.
45 min. Upper or lower half of your body sufficiently.
Also entire body possible.
60 min. Our standard massage course.
We treat entire body.
90 min. Our no.2 recommendation.
If you are really exhausted try this!
※tax included
Using body oil and massage your lower leg and sole of your foot.

30 min. Standard course.
Oil treatment for your legs.
45 min. It is stuitable after sports or trip.
60 min. Our luxury course.
Massage your legs sufficiently.
※tax included
  It is also available combined "SHIATSU" and "FOOT" courses.
 Cost is just addition of each on price lists.
Acupuncture therapy is available at Ekimae massage Shinyokohama and Ekimae massage Nippa branches. If interested, please consult to our therapist.
Price is added just 550 yen to the one of your massage course.
Prices will be cheeper if you pay by cash!
 Very convenience!
All shops are located by train stations. We have two shops in Shinyokohama and one in Nippa. English speakers are also avilable. Please ask when you make a reservation.

 Shinyokohama Shiatsuin
 Open till midnight.
 Phone 045-433-1600
 Ekimae Massage Shinyokohama
 1 min. from Shinyokohama st.
 Phone 045-473-9991
 Shinohara-cho 2865
 Ekimae Massage Nippa
 Nearby Nippa st.
 Phone 045-532-1110
 Nippa-cho 1634-1

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